Warning Signs Of Diabetes

Warning Signs Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition due to which body cannot regulate the glucose absorbed from food. It can cause very high levels of blood sugar in the body and can damage the organs. Several people do not realize the symptoms of diabetes in the beginning, and hence, it is important to know what are the warning signs of diabetes.

There are two kinds of diabetes and both show similar set of symptoms.

Under Type 1, the body is unable to produce enough insulin. Symptoms for this type come very quickly. Severe thirst, blurry vision, weight loss, dries skin, low resistance, and tingling in hands and feet show up initially. According to NDIC (National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse), some people have nausea, and stomach pains at the beginning. If the disease is not diagnosed on time it can be fatal.

Type 2 is the most common kind of diabetes. Here the body is producing excessive insulin. When the body cannot use insulin properly, the blood sugar rises to dangerous levels. The symptoms of Type 2 appear slowly. Some of them are tiredness, weight loss, and increased vision problems, frequent urination, tingling in hands and feet, and dry skin. As per NDIC, some people do not show any symptoms at all. It can only be discovered through a blood test.

There are a few more conditions, such as gestational diabetes, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes that show no symptoms at all.

  • Excessive thirst along with frequent urination is a very common symptom. You want to visit the bathroom every hour. It happens because of the excessive glucose in the blood and the kidneys cannot process glucose, so they draw water from the blood to dilute it. Since the body is using more water, you feel thirsty every few minutes. Even though you drink too much water, you still feel you have not had enough. As the water consumption increase, the need for urination also goes up.
  • Weight loss that occurs suddenly is a typical symptom of Type 1. In Type 2, it is more gradual. In Type 1, the pancreas stops making insulin. The body needs energy constantly, so it starts breaking down the muscle and tissue.
  • Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes cause weakness and fatigue. The glucose does not get absorbed into the cells and they are starved for energy. The lack of insulin prevents the cells from absorbing glucose. So the body uses up the energy from the muscles and tissues, leaving a person weak.
  • Tingling sensations in hands and feet, commonly called diabetes neuropathy, is caused due to the high levels of glucose in the body. If left untreated, it can eventually damage the nervous system.

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Warning Signs Of Diabetes