List Of All Diseases Of The Human Eye

List Of All Diseases Of The Human Eye

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes several symptoms that are related to eye diseases. Eye diseases are very common in infants and adults in several under privileged parts of the world.

That is why the WHO has put together a list of common eye problems that can affect people across the world. They are basically divided into infections and conditions.

Infections are caused due to illnesses, and they may affect the eye by causing symptoms like pus in the eyes, itchiness, redness, excessive watering or lack of tears. They can even cause swelling and bulging of the eyes. A condition may not cause such symptoms, but it may directly affect the ability to see and have clear vision.

Some of the common infections specified are conjunctivitis, Crohn’s disease disorders, sty and iritis, periorbital cellulitis, blepharitis, and others. Some of the more common conditions are astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and scratched cornea. All these conditions are correctable through surgery, corrective glasses or proper medication. However, one has to recognize the symptoms and immediately get medical attention. Blurry vision and headaches are very common of mild eye vision problems. However, as time passes, these symptoms tend to progress and become more serious. That is when they cause more serious side effects and symptoms.

When it comes to the eyes, the best thing to do is avoid surgery by taking proper care. In case of cataract, surgery is the only way out when the lens of the eyes are severely discolored. Depending on the type of condition and the prognosis, the eye specialist decides the course of treatment.

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List Of All Diseases Of The Human Eye
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