What Is An Astigmatism ?

What Is An Astigmatism ?

Astigmatism is an eye-related vision problem. In fact, it is also a very common problem. Astigmatism often goes unrecognized because it is a disorder that progresses very slowly, and also the symptoms are minimal. A person suffering with astigmatism may not realize for several years as the symptoms could be headaches, fatigue, eye tiredness and blurred vision. Often, people take note of the problem when blurred vision occurs.

Astigmatism is an easily managed condition and is also curable. When you visit the eye specialist, depending on the degree of astigmatism, they will prescribe the treatment plan.

If you have high degree of astigmatism, then the eye specialist could prescribe corrective glasses or lens. If it is mild, then the eye specialist may just give some medications for the eye. Sometimes, when it is not correctable by wearing eyeglasses, surgery is recommended. The surgery requires changing the shape of the cornea using laser technology. However, surgery is always used as a last option for treating the condition. Almost everyone experiences some degree of astigmatism. Even a person with normal eyes can experience it.

A person with astigmatism sees images differently. The refraction of light in their eye takes a longer time and route. So, most of the images can look blurred or wavy. They see somewhat stretched images and lack clarity. In a regular eye, the refraction of light is equal, and so we see images correctly.

Astigmatism is diagnosed based on the refraction of light in the eye in most cases. The eye specialist will have to look into the eyes to be able to diagnose it.

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