Symptoms Of Blindness

Symptoms Of Blindness

Blindness is not a condition that progresses or anything. For some, it can be present from birth, or it can occur due to some accident or trauma. It is rare for a person, who has normal eyesight, to be suddenly affected by blindness.

People, who have some kind of eye related condition, can become blind if the condition eventually leads to blindness. Some people, who have extreme eyesight problems, can be called blind if they can see only partial images.However, the symptoms of blindness are very few. Either you can see or you cannot see, and it is as simple as that.

There are some categories of people who are likely to develop blindness more than others. For example, a person who has glaucoma is highly susceptible to developing blindness. Glaucoma can be corrected using surgery. If there is a brain defect and there is a high pressure on the brain characterized by a condition called hydrocephalus which creates excessive pressure on the brain, then they can develop blindness.

Some infections like encephalitis, meningitis and other infections that have the capability of affecting the brain along with vision can cause blindness. Neurofibromatosis is one of the conditions that can cause it.

Eye tumors can be a possible reason and conditions like retinoblastoma or tumors in the optic nerves can cause it. Some types of cancer that interfere with the central nervous system can cause blindness. Some conditions are also known to cause temporary blindness and vision problems like ischemic strokes for example.

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Symptoms Of Blindness
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