Can You Get Single Eye Cataract ?  

A cataract can develop in an eye, and in most people it is caused due to aging. It is a non painful condition that develops very slowly. It takes several years to block the vision completely.

Cataract can develop in one single eye, or both the eyes. The cloudiness first affects only one single part of the lens, and later, it can take over the complete lens.Over a period of time, as the cataract gets cloudier, the vision grows very murky, and that is when the doctor recommends a surgery. There are some classic symptoms of cataract that people can use as pointers. One is they start seeing cloudy and blurry images. The vision is dim even in broad day light.

During the nights, it gets more difficult to see light. Also, when there is excessive light or glare, it is difficult to see images. You also see halos around the light. Actually any problem with the vision that is experienced on a regular basis clearly indicates a problem. It is possible to have these symptoms only in one single eye. Also, when you are reading, you will find the need for brighter light. It is possible to have direct vision problems like double vision in one single eye or problems handling yellow colors.

When you have a cataract you can easily tell while driving because the upcoming light from the opposite side seems too bright. You even find natural sunlight too bright. Cataract is not painful, but can be extremely inconvenient.

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Can You Get Single Eye Cataract



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