What Causes Iritis ?  

Iritis is the inflammation of the colored part of the eye, which is known as the iris. It is a chronic condition, and can occur due to bacteria, virus, immune disorders or traumatic injury to the eye.

The condition has to be treated, or else it can lead to permanent vision problems or even blindness.In majority of cases, iritis is caused due to a disease or infection in some other part of the body. Diseases like arthritis, tuberculosis or syphilis can result in iritis. The condition can also be caused due to infection in the tonsils, kidney, teeth, gallbladder or sinus.

Sometimes, if the eye gets injured, there is an ulcer in the eye or a foreign particle is stuck to the cornea, it can lead to iritis.

Nonetheless, the exact cause of iritis is not known. The doctors only know the reasons that can spur or bring on this chronic condition. The condition progresses and develops very fast over a period of few days or hours. The person will experience pain in the eye and around the brow region, become sensitive to light, and suffer from blurry vision. The condition causes redness near the iris, and the sclera can also turn red. Some people can see dots moving in the field of their vision. Also, the pupil gets misshapen, where it tends to become smaller than the unaffected eye.

Since the causes of iritis can be other diseases, the patient has to undergo a thorough checkup to get correct diagnosis. Besides conducting a complete eye checkup, the doctor can also request for skin tests, X-rays and blood tests to rule out other diseases and infections.

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Cure-For-Iritis      Iritis is a chronic condition where the colored part of the eye gets irritated and inflamed. Usually a person suffering from iritis experiences pain in the eye, and the white part of the eye, known as sclera, tends to get bloodshot. The person will have problems with vision, be sensitive to light and suffer from headaches. Usually the condition occurs in one eye, but at times, it can occur in both eyes. More..




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