What Is A Lazy Eye ?  

Lazy eye is medically termed as amblyopia, and it is a vision defect where one eye has blurred vision which cannot be corrected by using contact lens or eyeglasses.

This condition can lead to functional blindness as the brain tends to switch off visions from the bad eye.According to some medical experts, lazy eye is a condition where the brain blocks the vision from eye as it cannot use the images from both eyes. Basically it is a condition where there is a dysfunction of the region of the brain that controls the vision for weaker eye. As the brain refuses to take images from the weaker eye, that eye does not learn to see, and this leads to functional blindness.

Under normal circumstances, images from both eyes are sent to the brain, where the images are fused into a single image. This is known as binocularity. This is how normal eyes and vision function. In children, normal vision develops in the first 4 months of birth. However, in children suffering from lazy eye, the image from one eye is clear, while that from the other eye is blurred. Therefore, the brain cannot fuse the two images. It is because of this the vision from the weaker eye is blocked, and as a result visual acuity in the affected eye does not develop. The severity of lazy eye depends on how early the images from the weaker eye are blocked by the brain during the visual development of the child.

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What Is A Lazy Eye



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Correction-Of-Lazy-Eye      Lazy eye is medically known as amblyopia. It is a condition where one eye does see as well as the other eye. Basically this condition occurs in early childhood because the stimulation given to the affected eye is not sufficient. If lazy eye is not treated, the condition ends up as functional blindness wherein the brain turns off the vision from the affected eye. More..




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