Can Chest Pain Be Caused By Mold Exposure ?   

Molds are microscopic organisms that are found everywhere -- on plants, foods, organic matter and dry leaves. Molds play an important role in the ecosystem as they breakdown dead organic matter. The spores of the mold are also microscopic in size and they disperse through air.

When anything gets mold, we can see it as white, orange, green or brown discoloration and exposure to large quantities of mold can trigger an allergic reaction, which is quite similar to the reaction people get from pollen.

People get allergic reaction to mold when they inhale it or allow it to come in contact with their skin. However, it is the mold spores that cause maximum allergic reaction in people and we can also get infections and asthma attacks from them. Usually people get allergic to mold when they are exposed to large quantities of mold spores.

Mold growth flourishes when there is moisture around. Usually you will find mold at homes due to backed up sewers, leaky roofs, damp basements, house plants, plumbing leaks, steam baths, wet closes and combustion appliances.

With so many allergic reactions that occur in people due to molds, many want to know can chest pain be caused by mold exposure. Although the typical allergic reaction seen in people is wheezing, difficulty in breathing, blocked nasal passages, sinus problems, watering of eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, light sensitivity, sore throat, and skin irritation, on rare occasions, chest pain can be caused due to mold exposure. Along with chest pain, you can also get headaches, memory problems, mood changes and fever.

So, can chest be caused by mold exposure? Yes, it can be caused by mold exposure and you should not always think that chest pain is a sign of heart attack.

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Can Chest Pain Be Caused By Mold Exposure




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