Chest Pain Patients In Triage  

Triage refers to the process of prioritizing the treatment of a patient depending on the severity of his or her condition. Usually when a person suffers from chest pain, it is taken to be a heart attack and this patient is always in triage. In other words, the patient is given treatment over all other patients and usually this is done in an emergency room where the resources are not enough to treat all patients immediately.

This would explain why people who suffer from chest pains are advised to call 911 emergency services for an ambulance. It has been seen that those patients coming in an ambulance are given top priority compared to patient who drives himself to the emergency room. Chest pain is seen as triage and patients who come in an ambulance are deemed as having a far serious problem compared to someone who drives himself to the emergency room.

When it comes to chest pain, patients in triage are first assessed by the hospital triage nurse. It is this nurse's responsibility to properly evaluate the condition of the patients and this will determine the priority for admission into the emergency room and subsequent treatment. Once the assessment is completed, depending on the severity of the condition, the patients are then referred to the hospital's internal triage system.

Chest pain is seen as the first sign of heart attack and if a person is not treated immediately, it could prove to be fatal. Hence, chest pain is taken as a sign of patients in triage and the appropriate lifesaving treatment is given without any hesitation. It is this efficient emergency response system set in place in hospitals and emergency rooms that allows so many people to live fruitful lives even after suffering from a serious heart attack.

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Chest Pain Patients In Triage




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