Chest Wall Pain From Lifting Weights  

When you experience chest pain, one of the first things that you will think is that you are getting a heart attack, as chest pain is the first symptom that many people experience. However, it is also true that you can experience chest pain or chest wall pain from many other activities.

For instance, you can experience chest wall pain from lifting weights. This does not mean that you should stop lifting weights. Basically when you experience chest wall pain from lifting weight, it means that you are overdoing it and you are straining the muscles of your chest.

Usually when people get chest wall pain from weight lifting, this pain is quite different from the pain you experience when getting a heart attack. This pain invariably will be experienced when you move your chest, turn, twist or breathe deeply. In addition, you will experience it for just a short time and the moment you change your body posture to a more comfortable one, it will disappear. Chest wall pain from weight lifting usually take a few days to get better, that is until the strained muscles do not heal themselves.

Many new weightlifters tend to get chest wall pain from weight lifting. One of the reasons is that they do not know when to stop the reps and tend to overdo the exercise. In addition, their chest muscles are not used to this type of stress and strain and can easily get damaged, especially if they are not following the correct method of lifting weights.

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Chest Wall Pain From Lifting Weights




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Chest Wall Pain From Lifting Weights )
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