Hospital Heart Attack Protocol  

People, who have heart attacks and then receive lifesaving care early, tend to survive the attack and get better compared to people who do not receive the care early on. This is a fact because people who do not seek medical early on when having a heart attack can expect a bad prognosis. However, hospital heart attack protocol is important when it comes to giving lifesaving care to a heart attack patient.

Most hospitals in the US have a hospital heart attack protocol so that people can receive appropriate treatment in the hospital. One of the ways of arranging a rapid action hospital heart attack protocol is by educating people about the importance of calling 911 the moment symptoms of heart attack occur. Most emergency medical services to handle heart attacks are equipped to handle heart attacks and with a hospital heart attack protocol in place, the emergency services can inform the hospital to get the catheterization lab ready before the patient reaches the hospital. This process saves time when the patient reaches the hospital and it enables the healthcare personnel to provide prompt lifesaving care without any delays.

Without a hospital heart attack protocol in place, a patient who has an attack is first checked by the physician in the emergency department. Thereafter, the physician contacts the cardiologist and it only after the cardiologist checks the patient, is the catheterization laboratory activated. This delays care and can have adverse effects in the recovery of the patient.

Different hospitals in the US have different hospital heart attack protocols in place but they all have one aim and that is to provide lifesaving care as fast as possible to a patient so that his or her chances of survival are better and there is less permanent damage to the tissues of the heart.

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Hospital Heart Attack Protocol




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