Is There Any Health Problems After A Heart Attack ?   

Many people who have heart attacks wonder whether there are any healthy problems after an attack. This question is quite normal because the last thing you would want is another heart attack or complication. Nearly 10 percent of people who have a heart attack will end up having another one within a year. Thereafter the risk drops to 3 percent every year.

Are there any health problems after a heart attack? If you have proper rehabilitation after a heart attack, most health risks associated with heart attack decrease and what you do increase is your life expectancy.

When you have a heart attack, your heart tissues get damaged and the healing process begins after a few days if there were no complication. After 6 to 12 weeks, the damaged heart tissue will be replaced by scar tissue and it is during this period, you have to get more active as exercising will hasten your recovery rather than causing another heart attack.

By doing light exercises, your heart will get back to near-normal and the exercise will help your heart to adapt to the new scar tissue. But do not overdo the exercise as two of the most common health problems after a heart attack are angina and breathlessness. In addition, people also can get high blood pressure after a heart attack because they want to take things easy and are afraid to be active. But then, high blood pressure may also be a pre-existing condition that actually led to the heart attack in the first place.

The other health problem after a heart attack that people can experience is formation of blood clot and usually this happens when you get too angry or stressed.

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Is There Any Health Problems After A Heart Attack




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