Silent Heart Attack Symptoms  

A silent heart attack is one wherein no regular symptoms of an attack are visible. One of the main symptoms of a heart attack is experiencing severe pain in the chest. However, in a silent heart attack, this symptom is not apparent and hence, a person does not even realize that he or she is in the process of having a heart attack.

Based on statistics, about 25 percent to 30 percent of people end up suffering from a silent heart attack. However, this does not mean that a silent heart attack has no symptoms. It does, but the intensity of the symptoms is quite less and hence, the attack is not noticed and the people having the attack are not diagnosed with a heart condition.

Usually, the lack of regular symptoms in a silent heart attack is attributed to the demise of the nerves present around the heart. It is due to this the symptoms are not apparent to the person when he or she gets an attack.

Nonetheless, silent heart attack symptoms are quite mild. Usually a person will experience some kind of mild pressure or discomfort in the chest along with shortness of breath. When the person rests, these particular symptoms tend to abate. Hence, the person may end up thinking that they were suffering from bloating or flatulence. Other symptoms of a silent heart attack include pain in the abdomen, heartburn, and having a clammy skin. The last symptom is more apparent in women than in men. In addition, a person may also experience nausea with or without vomiting and dizziness.

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Silent Heart Attack Symptoms




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