What Occurs During A Heart Attack ?  

Several people have a heart attack each year, but most of them do not know what occurs during a heart attack. Initially, a person gets warning signs that a heart attack is going to begin. Thereafter, many events take place within the body, including the heart.

When a heart attack begins, a person will start experiencing pain and discomfort in the chest. The pain can feel like pressure, squeezing or even dull ache. It can vary from person to person. The pain can be mild or severe in nature. Once the pain begins, after some time, it spreads to the one or both arms, neck, jaw, and back. In addition, the person may have difficulty in breathing, he or she may feel nauseous, dizzy, experience cold sweat or may even pass out. Due to these symptoms, a person starts feeling anxious. The symptoms can last for over half an hour.

However, it is advisable that you seek immediate medical help the moment you experience the above mentioned symptoms. Also, take an adult aspirin and chew it before swallowing it. It will help in the prevention of blood clot in the arteries and allow blood to flow to the heart. This will, in turn, help to alleviate the pain and discomfort that you experience in the chest.

When a person gets a heart attack, the blood flow to the heart is disrupted due to blocked or narrowed coronary artery. This means that adequate oxygen does not reach the affected region of the heart. This causes the cells in the region to die, resulting in a heart attack. The damage to the heart is irreversible and results in the formation of scar tissue in the affected region. This scar tissue can cause arrhythmia or heart failure. Both these conditions can be life-threatening.

Once the person seeks medical attention, the healing process begins. The blood flow to the heart is regularized and so also the heart beats. While the scar tissue will not disappear, the heart begins to heal itself. It takes about 8 weeks for the heart to heal completely after a heart attack. However, as part of the heart was damaged due to the attack, the heart will not be able to pump like it used to prior to the attack. This means that a person will not be able to many activities that he or she used to before suffering from the attack.

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What Occurs During A Heart Attack ?




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What Occurs During A Heart Attack ? )
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