Coronary Heart Disease Treatment  

The treatment of coronary heart disease aims to prevent further damage to the heart by improving supply of blood to the heart. According to the condition of the patient and the causes which has resulted in the development of this disease, the doctor will design a treatment plan for the patient.

The common medicines which are used to treat coronary heart disease are aspirin, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers. When the condition worsens and the medicines or the lifestyle variations do not improve the condition, then surgery could be the solution. Surgeries that are generally beneficial for patients suffering from coronary heart disease are heart catheterization, coronary angioplasty, radiation brachytherapy, atherectomy and coronary artery bypass surgery.

Let us find out the efficacy of the medications that are used for treating coronary heart diseases.

  • Aspirin - This medicine helps in reducing the risk of having angina, or most commonly known as heart attack, by helping to minimize the clotting of blood. Aspirin has one side effect of ulcers or bleeding problems. Therefore, you must tell your doctor about the problem if you face it.
  • Beta-Blockers - These medicines help in reducing the heart rate and blood pressure which in turn minimizes the requirement of oxygen by the heart. Beta-blockers help to reduce the chances of heart attacks in the future and deaths.
  • Nitroglycerine - This medicine reduces chest pain by acting in two ways. One, it reduces the requirement of oxygen by the heart, and secondly, it dilates the arteries which helps in increasing the supply of oxygen to the heart.
  • Calcium channel blockers - These medicine help in widening coronary arteries to increase the flow of blood, reduce blood pressure, and slow down the heart rate.

No matter how many medicines you consume, it is always better to have a wholesome approach which implies leading a healthy lifestyle and diet control.

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Coronary Heart Disease Treatment




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