Asthma And Heart Failure  

Sometimes conditions of angina, such as tightness in the chest, may be mistaken as an asthma attack. This could be actually the build up of fluid in the lungs due to heart failure. The symptoms are wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. This condition is medically known as cardiac asthma. It is not very common and results in wheezing combined with failure of heart.

This condition arises when there is an extreme reflexive blocking and it may be edema of lungs. It is a kind of breathing problem that results due to sudden block in pulmonary circulation. Some years ago, it was believed that this condition occurred because of fluid in the lungs. But, in recent times, it is known that cardiac asthma can even happen without any fluid in the lungs. Cardiac asthma is actually the symptoms of heart failure and affects mostly older people, who suffer from wheezing and shortness of breath.

Immediate medical help must be sought when such symptoms are noticed because cardiac asthma is life threatening. A major fault in the heart can result in this condition. When the left portion of the heart experiences a misbalance between the work load and the capacity suddenly, this condition arises. Due to stress on the heart, fluid builds up in the lungs causing tapering of the airways and, therefore, causing wheezing and other related indications.

Cardiac asthma causes wheezing with sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and a feeling of uneasiness. It sometimes wakes up the person at night due to breathlessness. For treating cardiac asthma, one needs a correct diagnosis upon which person is prescribed a treatment plan that aims to use diuretics to free the lungs from blockages caused due to accumulation of fluid. Once that is achieved, the heart pumps normally, reducing the wheezing automatically.

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Asthma And Heart Failure




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