Causes Of Congestive Heart Failure  

First of all, you should know that congestive heart failure is a condition and not a disease. This condition can occur because of different reasons. Let us find out about these reasons.

Congestive heart failure signifies weakening of the heart which occurs due to prolonged problems of the blood vessels. It can occur because of weak heart muscles, blocked blood vessels, exposure to toxic substances like alcohol and cocaine, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, pericardial disease, infections, exposure to toxic substances, infections, high glucose levels, chronic arrhythmia and congenital heart disease.

CHF, or congestive heart failure, often results due to unhealthy life style such as smoking, dependency on alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, diet rich in fats and cholesterol, and obesity. Apart from these unhealthy lifestyle habits, CHF may also be caused due to certain reasons that are beyond one’s control. These include genetic factors, toxicity, infections and complications arising out of some other disease.

Elevated blood pressure often causes the left ventricle more pumping work so that sufficient blood is pumped into the heart. Prolong pressure put forth by the left ventricle can cause the weakening of the heart muscle resulting in heart failure.

The valves of the heart are responsible for directing the flow of the blood in the right direction. When these valves get damaged due to some injury, it causes the blood to flow in the opposite direction. Due to this, the heart has to put extra effort to maintain the output. If valves are not treated, such a condition will lead to heart failure.

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Causes Of Congestive Heart Failure




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