Symptoms Of Advanced Congestive Heart Failure  

Congestive failure of the heart occurs when enough blood is not pumped by the heart to different parts of the body. This condition will degenerate over time and eventually cause death. Fluid will accumulate in many parts of the body. A previous disorder in the heart can increase the chances of getting this disorder. Although it is not possible to completely repair the damage already caused to the heart by this disorder, medicines can be administered to give relief from the associated symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of advanced stage of this disorder include:

  • Failure of the kidney: Due to insufficient pumping of blood to the kidneys, fluid retention may occur. This will cause improper absorption of salts back in to the system. This in turn will lead to failure of the kidneys.
  • Shortness of breath: In the advanced stage of congestive heart failure, the patient may experience shortness of breath or dyspnea when indulging in the slightest physical activity or even while lying down.
  • Reduction in proper functioning of brain: Advanced stages in this disorder will cause improper functioning of the brain like reduction in the mental alertness and difficulty in maintaining concentration over longer duration of time.
  • Other symptoms: Persistent wheezing and coughing along with appearance of pinkish colored mucous due to presence of blood; swelling of the feet, ankles and joints due to fluid retention which will worsen with passage of time .

An increase in the severity of the symptoms or appearance of new symptoms should be regarded as an indicator of worsening condition of the disorder.

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Symptoms Of Advanced Congestive Heart Failure




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Symptoms Of Advanced Congestive Heart Failure )
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