Hypertension Naturally Cure

Hypertension Naturally Cure

The American Heart Association claims that one in three adults in the country has hypertension, or high blood pressure. However, out of the total number of people suffering from hypertension, one-third does not know that have hypertension. This is the reason why hypertension is often labeled as the silent disease. The disease can persist for years without any noticeable symptoms or signs.


The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says that people having systolic pressure between 140 and 159 mmHg and diastolic pressure between 80 and 89 mmHg have what is called Stage I hypertension, while those with systolic pressure more than 160 mmHg and diastolic pressure 100 mmHg or more have Stage 2 hypertension. One of the main reasons for hypertension is obesity. However, even having a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, stress, drinking too much alcohol or family history of hypertension can be one of the several causes.

The best way to treat hypertension is through natural remedies, which include drastic change in lifestyle habits. While the doctor may prescribe medication to help lower elevated blood pressure, it should be combined with lifestyle changes. Also, it is important to seek treatment for hypertension; otherwise the chances of suffering from a heart attack, stroke, renal problems, vision loss or brain hemorrhage increase.

Some of the natural cures for hypertension include the following:

Coenzyme Q10 is a supplement that has proven to reduce elevated blood pressure. A study conducted by the University of Western Australia shows that hypertensive patients when given Coenzyme Q10 for a period of 12 weeks noticed a reduction in their systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure.

Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties in Asia for centuries. People suffering from mild hypertension can benefit from consuming garlic, as it has chemical compounds that help to thin the blood. However, if taking garlic for hypertension, consult your doctor first, as it could interfere with other medication that you may be taking.

Another natural remedy for hypertension is hawthorn, which is a herb. Researchers from Reading, UK, gave diabetic patients 1,200 mg of hawthorn extract for 16 weeks. At the end of the trial, the researchers found that the patients had a remarkable reduction in their diastolic blood pressure.

Fish oil contains many important compounds and essential fatty acids that are good for the body. There is evidence to show that the docohexaenoic acid present in fish oil helps in reducing high blood pressure. So, along with great skin and hair, you can even help your blood pressure by consuming fish oil!

Light cardio exercise is another way to reduce elevated blood pressure. Doing regular exercise everyday not only keeps the heart healthy, but also helps in reducing blood pressure. However, if you are already diagnosed as hypertensive, consult your doctor before embarking on an exercise routine.

Finally, diet is the other natural way to improve high blood pressure. Hypertensive people should reduce their salt intake and concentrate on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products, nuts, fish, lean meats and poultry. It is best to consult a nutritionist, who will chart out a diet plan for you if you are suffering from hypertension.

It is important to note that all these natural cures for hypertension should be in conjunction with medical treatment prescribed by your doctor. On their own, these natural remedies for hypertension may not be as effective. Also, changing your lifestyle habits is a must for your blood pressure to reduce. Do not quit taking your medications without consulting your doctor. Above all, do not start any natural cure for hypertension without first checking with your doctor, as these cures may interfere with the medications you are taking.

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Hypertension Naturally Cure