Macular Degeneration And Vitamins

Macular Degeneration And Vitamins

Macular degeneration is a condition wherein the macula in the retina of the eye gets degenerated and the individual suffers from vision disorders. If the condition is not treated, the vision can get damaged further.

The earliest symptom of this condition appears in the form of poor central vision, diminished appearance of color, difficulty in recognizing faces and difficulty in adaptation to darkness. Apart from ageing, smoking can make an individual prone to this disorder.

Macular degeneration due to ageing can be prevented by consuming certain vitamins in the supplement form or in the dietary intake.

Some essential vitamins include:

  • Vitamin-A: This contains antioxidants which have the ability to protect the retina from degeneration.
  • Vitamin-C: This is known to avert degeneration of the macula and promote good vision.
  • Vitamin-E: This assists in maintaining good health of the eyes and averts damage to the retina by free radicals due to the process of ageing. This minimizes the chances of contracting macular degeneration.

These vitamin supplements will not cure the condition but will assist in slowing the progression of degeneration. Most multi-vitamins prescribed by doctors when people age contain zinc, leutin, selenium and zeaxanthin which promote good vision.

One should be watchful of the dosage of these vitamins for macular degeneration since an over-dose can damage the liver.

Smokers will have to take a higher dosage of vitamins than non-smokers since their ability to absorb nutrients from the digested food is less. A healthier alternative would be to indulge in eating food rich in vitamins in order to reap maximum benefits without side effects.

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Macular Degeneration And Vitamins