Problems With Short Term Memory

Problems With Short Term Memory

Short term memory, also known as working memory, helps a person store recent information and may or may not be transferred to the part of the brain that stores long term memory. Basically, short term memory consists of information that could be momentarily interesting, but may not always be important. As a result, not all information from short tem memory is transferred to long term memory. On the other hand, short term memory is can be accessed easily, but there can be problems with it at times.


Problems with short term memory could be due to a trauma to the brain, alcoholism, illicit drug abuse, stroke, epileptic seizures or strokes. In addition, tumors in the brain, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid imbalance, sleep disorders, malnutrition, meningitis, and psychological problems could also result in problems with short term memory.

One of the most common reasons for problems with short term memory is stroke. People who get a stroke will constantly have a problem learning new things, as they will not be able to recollect things learned after sustaining a stroke. The same is also true for those experiencing head traumas and injuries.

Strangely, malnutrition is a problem, both in poor as well as well-to-do families. Due to poor eating habits, the blood sugar levels are affected. This, in turn, affects the brain adversely resulting in loss of memory. Even high levels of stress can result in loss of short term memory, as stress hormones can cause damage to the brain cells. The same is also true with hormonal imbalance.

One of the signs of short term memory loss is not being able to recall what happened recently, but being able to recall an incident that happened long time ago. However, it is important to note that short term memory problems are often temporary, and majority of people will regain the memory. However, if the memory loss continues for a long period of time, it is a cause for concern and the person should consult a doctor.

There are ways to handle problems with short term memory loss. A person can do crossword puzzles or even recite the alphabet to force the brain to function in a normal manner. This can help short term memory to return. Also, the person should try and do relaxation exercises, so that the brain is not taxed or stressed. Other steps include placing every day items in a fixed location, so that they can be found easily and being more organized. It is also necessary to consult a doctor to figure out what the other methods are to improve short term memory and the way a person can handle the problems associated with it.

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Problems With Short Term Memory