Do Dogs Get Muscle Cramps ?   

If you own a dog, you will be very worried about man's best friend. You will take care of all his needs and ensure he is healthy. However, many times owners forget that dogs can have ailments and when it comes to exercising them, owners can overdo things. Too much exercising or keeping them for long hours in the sun, can have adverse effect on your dogs. They can suffer just like humans do. So, does this mean that dogs get muscle cramps?

Yes, dogs do get muscle cramps and they can be as painful as the cramps you experience. Muscle cramps are defined as spasmodic muscular contraction and many dogs get them from exercising too much, playing in the sun or because they are genetically inclined.

Most dogs get muscle cramps when they lose large amounts of fluids and electrolytes. This loss can occur during exercise or stressful conditions. A dog can also get muscle cramps after he experiences a heat stroke. In most cases where muscle cramps occur due to exercising or stressful conditions, you can control them by giving your dog electrolytes especially formulated for dogs. In addition, if cramping is severe, you can give your dog a dog massage. In fact, there are many experts who offer this service and it will make sense to take your dog to a professional dog masseur.

In addition, warm water therapy is being used quite frequently to help dogs to overcome muscle cramps. This therapy creates an environment of weightlessness that allows the stress on the muscles to reduce substantially and thereby helping the dog to relax his muscles.

Do dogs get muscles cramps? The answer is a definite yes.

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Do Dogs Get Muscle Cramps




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