Cause Of Bleeding Ulcer

Cause Of Bleeding Ulcer

Ulcer is caused due to inflammation of the inner linings of the digestive system. The jejunum, stomach and duodenum are particularly susceptible to ulcer formation. An irritation to the inner linings and cell membranes will lead to erosion of the cells. This, in turn, will expose the inner membranes to strong gastric juices and acids secreted for digesting foodstuffs.

When the wounded membranes encounter the harsh juices, the individual experiences a burning sensation accompanied with excess pain. On continuous exposure to gastric juices, the linings will bleed leading to wound formation or ulcer. This condition is called bleeding ulcer.

Causes for bleeding ulcer are:

Mechanical irritants: These substances will directly injure the tissue lining leading to wound formation. An excess consumption of fiber rich foods or unrefined products can cause injuries to the wall membranes. This is only observed when there is a massive consumption of fiber rich foodstuffs.

Thermal irritants: Consuming very hot or cold foods will rupture the inner linings due to sudden change of temperature causing the inner walls to bleed.

Chemical irritants: Certain chemical substances can injure the inner linings. These include alcohol, caffeinated drinks, tobacco and smoke emitted from cigarettes.

Over usage of certain drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen can injure the linings of the gastrointestinal system leading to ulcer formation.

Bacterial attack: Helicobacter pylori is one of the major causes for ulcer formation. It causes inflammation of the inner linings walls leading to ulcer development.

Heredity: A family history of ulcer will make a person more prone than others who do not have any such history.

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Cause Of Bleeding Ulcer