Health Risks And Soda

Health Risks And Soda

Americans are a nation that drinks more soda pop than any other nation. In fact, soda is the most popular beverage in the United States and given a choice between fruit juice and soda, most Americans will always choose soda. An average American drinks at least one 12-ounce can of soda each day.

Earlier, only kids were the biggest consumers of soda in the United States. However, now adults and kids are indulging into it. Soda is available practically everywhere -- fast food restaurants, video stores and even in schools. As soda becomes the beverage of choice, attention should also be paid to the health risks associated with drinking soda.

Health Risks and Soda:

Obesity: An independent study has shown that there is a strong connection between soda consumption and childhood obesity. Soda is high in sugar content and calories and has not nutrition value whatsoever. A research found that if a 12 year old drinks soda regularly, then that child was more likely to be overweight compared to a child who did not drink soda.

Tooth Decay: The fact that soda is chockfull of sugar, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that it plays a role in tooth decay. The acid in the soda erodes the enamel and this makes teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. Drinking too much soda and having poor oral hygiene is sure bet for tooth decay.

Caffeine Dependence: Cola contains caffeine and those who drink cola regularly end up with caffeine dependence. If they do not get their cola, they experience headaches, rise in blood pressure, irritability and sometimes stomach problems. The effect of caffeine in cola is the same for adults and children.

Weakening of Bones: One of the most common ingredients of any soda is phosphoric acid. This has the potential to leach calcium from bones and thereby weaken them. Weak bones are more prone to fractures and this condition, if unchecked, leads to osteoporosis.

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Health Risks And Soda