Health Risks From Violent Video Games

Health Risks From Violent Video Games

Today, children are more prone to sitting in front of a television or computer and playing games rather than going out and taking part in sports. While we know how unhealthy it is to be inactive and lazy, most of did not know the health risks associated with playing violent video games.

However, now a study conducted by the University of Michigan has finally found evidence of health risks from violent video games. This study shows that these video games can actually harm children.

The study analyzed data from 50 years and has concluded that violent video games pose a major health risk as anyone who plays these games tends to become overly aggressive. According to the study, the aggressiveness from violent video games is a major problem and it is second to lung cancer caused by smoking.

This should raise anyone's antenna who loves to play these types of video games or parents who have children who play these games.

The researchers who conducted this study claim that there is clear evidence that playing violent video games increases the risk of children and adults behaving in an aggressive manner. More so the children, who tend to identify with the characters in the games and are likely to show more aggression in social settings as they get older.

At the same time, it is necessary to point out that not all children turn aggressive from playing these video games and this could be the biggest mystery of all. Why is it that only some children and adults are affected while others are not? Whatever maybe the reason, it is clear that violent video games pose a health risk and parents should do all to control children from playing these games too often or frequently.

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Health Risks From Violent Video Games