Assisted Suicide Pro And Con  

Assisted suicide is a hot topic in the United States. While some people favor legalizing it, there are others who are completely against it. There are many pros and cons of assisted suicide and both sides should be viewed before a final decision is taken.

Supporters of assisted suicide feel that it the civil right of a person who is terminally ill and wants to end his and his family's suffering once and for all. Supporters also fell that by legalizing assisted suicide, a person will get the right to die without pain and with dignity. According to them dying without pain and controlling the pain are two different things because pain control means using drugs which have many other side effects. Another pro of legalizing assisted suicide is protecting patients who are terminally ill because only those who really need it will be helped whiles others will not be.

However, those against assisted suicide fell that assisted suicide is against practically all religions. In addition, by legalizing assisted suicide it could be used to euthanize elderly, mentally ill, disabled people and people who are depressed. Opponents of assisted suicide feel that this method will be then used to bring down the cost of healthcare rather than promoting health and healthy living. The fact that nearly 44 million Americans do not have health insurance, assisted suicide will be used as a way to do away with people who cannot afford medical treatment.

There are many pros and cons to assisted suicide. All sides have to weighed evenly before any laws are passed and in addition, the loopholes for pros and cons should be closed before any steps are taken.

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Assisted Suicide Pro And Con




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