Investment Strategy For Fixed Income Bonds  

       When it comes to investing into fixed income bonds, investors can adopt a variety of investment strategies. However, do not take up investment strategies for fixed income bonds without first checking whether those strategies are suited to your financial goals and needs.


Here are some investment strategies for fixed income bonds that you can adopt as long as they suit your circumstancesMore...

Fixed Income Bonds

Fixed Income Bonds

Fixed income bonds are those bonds that pay a fixed interest to the investor. These bonds also repay the principal when the bond matures. Fixed income bonds are perfect for those investors who are looking for regular and fixed income that could further add to their earnings.

A good example of a fixed income bond is a government bond that pays a 5 percent interest and has a maturity period of 10 years. This means that if an investor invests $1,000 in this bond, he would get an annual interest payment of $50 and his principal amount of $1,000 would be repaid to him in the tenth year.More...


Fixed Rate Bonds And Monthly Income

Fixed Rate Bonds And Monthly Income

Fixed rate bonds came into existence in the United States in the early 1990s. They were primarily meant for investors who are keen on getting regular income while ensuring that bond issuers get capital in a cost efficient manner.

Investors find fixed rate bonds attractive because they offer high yields, fixed income monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, the investor knows the time frame of his investment which can run from one year to forty-nine years, and the bonds are liquid enough so the investor has no problem selling them.More...





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- Fixed-income Bond
- Government Bond
- Municipal Bond



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