Benefit Of Junk Bonds  

       Junk bonds are debts give out by companies that have a poor ranking. They are also corporate debts that hold a very high credit risk. Like every other type of security, bonds or stocks even junk bonds have their advantages and disadvantages. The best thing about bonds is that they tend to yield income that is steady in nature. However, they are not as profitable as stocks.More...

Are Junk Bonds Safe ?

Are Junk Bonds Safe

Junk bonds are kind of corporate bonds, and are considered the least safe of all. Companies like Moody, and Standard and Poor have rated the junk bonds as non reliable, and also as non investment grade bonds. If a company is not fiscally sound, their immediate plan of action will be to have highest return rates for the bonds so that the additional risk is compensated.More...


Disadvantages Of Junk Bonds

Disadvantages Of Junk Bonds

Junk bond means that you are investing in a company that has a poor rating according to the rating companies. Also, by investing in them you are taking a high risk. However, to make up for their poor rating, the junk bond issuing companies give you a high rate of interest as a return. Also, on the other hand, the rating systems are not always reliable and accurate. They may exaggerate the ratings for some companies.More...


What Are Junk Bonds ?

What Are Junk Bonds

Many people when they come across the term junk bond they think that it is a scam or fraud. However, junk bond functions exactly in the same way as any regular bond would. The junk bond will specify the amount that it is taking from the investors, the time or date they will be returning it, the interest they will be paying on it and the principal. Any bond does the same thing with you money.More...





What-Should-A-Company-Do-With-Its-Junk-Bonds      Junk bond sounds very dicey and high risk the moment you hear about it. It is a high risk type of bond. Bonds simply means that you are lending money to the company, and the company in return gives you a date on which it will be returning your principal and also the rate of interest it will be giving you on a said date. More..




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