Best Usd Currency Exchange Rates In The Last Six Months  

The comparative value of a particular currency against the other is known as the ‘foreign currency rate of exchange.’ In simple words, it refers to the quantity of a particular currency needed to sell or buy a single unit of another currency. The present-day Forex rates for different currencies worldwide and the past currency trends can be obtained online at several websites, like,, and

Like other currencies, the USD exchange rates keep on fluctuating every day. However, despite the current scenario of terrorism and economic recession recovery, the USD (US Dollar; $) is still one among the best currencies to hold strong against political and economic turbulences.

The USD exchange rates in last 6 months would differ from one currency to another. It largely depends on the foreign currency against which you wish to get the US Dollars exchanged. The past six month data can be available for different currency pairs of USD at the aforesaid websites.

However, on an average, the rates of USD exchange have suffered in the past due to reduced confidence of the investors, lower rates of interest, increase in terrorist activities in the United States, fears in mind of people regarding the frail economy of the US, increasing deficit of current account in the country, and issues of the US military across national borders.

According to the existing USD currency trends, the rates of exchange of 1 USD against a few principle currencies, such as Euros, GBP, Yen, and CHF, have been 0.718442, 0.68, 90.79, and 1.0673 respectively. Similar figures for last six months can be obtained through online USD currency trend charts.

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Best Usd Currency Exchange Rates In The Last Six Months




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Best Usd Currency Exchange Rates In The Last Six Months )
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