Buying Gold: A Smart Investment Move  

        Gold has always been considered a smart investment option all over the world. The gold market too has always remained steadier, as opposed to the stock market and the investment areas. Also, gold is never affected by the vagaries of the world economy, since it is considered a universal currency, and enjoys recognition by each and every bank on the face of this earth. More...


The Benefits of Doing a Short Sale

The Benefits of Doing a Short Sale        A short sale takes place when a lender concurs to accept an amount that is less than the actual amount owed on a mortgage, and this amount is paid to the lender via a sale that is approved by the lender. 

        How the seller of the property benefits is that he avoids foreclosure by selling prior to the foreclosure auction. The usual way of selling through a realtor would have brought in all lot of dough, but it is not an option since the seller has no money.More...


Investing for Retirement

Investing for Retirement        Investing for retirement is something that you must pay attention to right now, irrespective of how far away the time may be. However, with today’s sky-high cost of living, this is easer said than done! Below mentioned are a few tips which could help you get started.

        To get started, consider the retirement plan that your employer is offering you. Earlier these used to be considered the best, but after fiascos like Enron, many are choosing to invest outside their companies, when it comes to retirement planning. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, certificates of deposit, More...


How to Operate Completely On Cash

How to Operate Completely On Cash        Operating completely on cash is your best bet to safeguard against falling in to the debt trap, or work your y out of it in case you are already in one. Using your credit card for buying that dress or taking your friends out for lunch is just like going to your bank and taking a loan for the same!

        It has been seen that indulgences, appearances and conveniences are the three main reasons most people use their credit cards. One very common example of convenience is using your credit card to buy lunch at a fast food store. Do the math and see how much you can save every month if you skip the store bought food and instead carry food from home. More...






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