Best Yielding Fixed Income Mutual Funds  

The best yielding fixed income mutual funds usually give a high yield. There are several ranking companies which give you reports on the best yielding fixed income mutual funds, and the category that they fall in. Some offer this information for free of cost, while others charge a minimal price.

       Here is a list of the top three best yielding fixed income mutual funds.

       Legg Mason Western Asset Global High-Yield Bond A (SAHYX): This particular bond started in 1995. Most of the bonds are invested in high yielding bonds offered by the United States and also foreign companies. The average performance of the portfolio may differ from time to time but overall this fund has been consistent. Most fund managers select the funds based on the returns irrespective of the time frame involved.

       Eaton Vance Income Fund of Boston A (EVIBX): This is also a high yield fund and it invests in high risk corporate bonds. This fund started way back in 1972. It can also invest in other debt securities that can generate income. Other kinds of investments may include foreign securities, and income portfolios.

       Rydex/SGI High Yield A (SIHAX): Nearly 80 percent of the funds are known to HYIPs and debt securities with high risk, which are considered to have medium risk in their specific categories.

       The most important thing to understand about mutual funds is that every fund has a fund manager. The manager is the person who looks into the performance of these funds. So basically a good and experienced financial investor will ensure that the fund is performing well and see that it giving good returns.

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Best Yielding Fixed Income Mutual Funds




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