Compare Equity Investments Vs Mutual Funds  

A mutual fund is a type of investment in a company that collects money from several individuals and pools it in to invest in a group of companies with varied backgrounds. The funds are managed by the fund manager. Every mutual fund is different, and they have their own profiles.

        Some mutual funds may invest in a specific type of investments only, like infrastructure or information technology for example. Other investors or mutual fund manages may invest in diversified funds, including the high risk ones too. The ultimate aim of the fund manager is to see that the mutual fund is giving the maximum returns, and is also managing the risk factor. Since the funds are diversified, the risk factor is also low. Mutual funds can be traded and they can be bought or sold at any time. The investor has the option of withdrawing their funds at any time and this does not affect the mutual fund as a whole.

        Equity investments are quite different. In fact, privately held equity securities cannot be traded in the markets publicly. The money comes from private holdings that either invest in the company or acquire it. There are different types of equity and most of them are private equities. In an equity bond, all investors have equal ownership and rights. Also, sometimes the ownership is shared on the basis of the percentage of investment made. Leverage buy outs, venture capital, growth capital equity, and secondary investments are all different types of equity that one can invest in.

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Compare Equity Investments Vs Mutual Funds




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Compare Equity Investments Vs Mutual Funds )
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