Ten Best Mutual Funds  

Some mutual funds are the best performing and remain on top of the charts, while others are not. However, there is a marked difference in the way some mutual funds perform compared to others. There are some parameters that are used to mark the performance of the mutual funds.

        There are so many companies that it is very difficult to identify a handful of companies as the top ten or top twenty. Also, all said and done, there are no fixed standards to set parameters to judge a company’s performance. It is a complicated thing to do.

        The New York Life Insurance Company was launched in 1845, and has an asset worth $160 billions. They have a range of investment products like securities, mutual funds and retail investments. They also have options for 401 K. Since the company started, several policy holders have received up to $35 billions worth of dividends. In the year 2004, they had distributed $1.4 billion worth of dividends. So this company can be easily rated as one of the top most mutual fund companies that has a proven track record.

        Fidelity Mutual Fund also claims to be managing assets that are worth nearly $50 million. They distributed $10.5 billions in 2004. The most popular type of mutual funds is the Contrafund and the Magellan. They have also topped the mutual funds listings for many years consistently. These funds can actually be expensive now to invest, but over a long period of time they do give good returns.

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Ten Best Mutual Funds




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