Examples Of Global Funds  

Global funds are very important for an investor if they are looking to diversify their investment portfolios. These funds can be securities of US companies or foreign companies. So, without much ado, here are some examples of global funds.

Examples of Global Funds:

ING Global Value Choice A: This is a global fund that believes in maximum capital growth. The fund was established way back in the year 1993; and a minimum of 65 percent of its assets are invested in at least 3 different countries, including the US. The fund invests a minimum of 80 percent in common equity, preferred equity, convertible securities, derivatives as well as depository receipts. It also invests in companies operating in emerging markets when the opportunities presented are attractive.

Templeton Global Smaller Companies A is a global fund that believes in long term capital growth. It has been around since June 1981. A significant amount of the fund's assets are invested in small companies located all over the world. However, not all the investments are made in the same country. The investments are spread out to a minimum of 3 different countries, which includes the United States.

Oppenheimer Global Opportunities not only presents an opportunity for capital growth, it also presents a constant flow of income. It has been operating since October 1990. Major portion of the fund's assets are invested in equities and debt securities in companies located in the US and abroad. The fund focuses more on purchasing stocks, but it can also opt for investing in debt securities based on the opportunities presented for capital growth and getting an income. The fund usually invests in developed as well as emerging economies, but focuses more on developed economies of the US, Canada and countries in Western Europe. Investment is spread out to a minimum of 4 countries and this includes the US.

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Examples Of Global Funds




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