Learning Stock Market Facts  

Learning stock market facts will give you a deeper insight into the workings of the stock market. Stock market is important to our financial destiny as making the right investment will ensure that we have ample funds to life on when we retire.

Here are some stock market facts that capture the history and some of the most significant moments of the Wall Street.

  • The Wall Street actually started in a 12-foot high wooden stockade in lower Manhattan. This stockade was erected in 1685 to protect Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam, as the place was known as that time.
  • The New Amsterdam Stock Exchange began in 1602.
  • The first stock market in New York started in 1792 when 24 stock brokers met at the Tontine Coffee House located at the corner of Wall Street and Water Street.
  • The New York Stock Exchange started in 1817 after the creation of New York Stock and Exchange Board.
  • The NYSE initially rented a place at 40 Wall Street and the 24 brokers who were members penned down the governing laws to oversee the trading practices.
  • The first day when NYSE operated, it traded million shares. This momentous day was December 15, 1886.
  • Until December 31, 2005, brokers could only join the New York Stock Exchange by purchasing seats. Now annual trading licenses are given to brokers who want to be members of the NYSE.
  • If there is a 30 percent fall in the market, the New York Stock Exchanges stops trading for the rest of the day.
  • The Dow Jones industrial average is used to track the market on any working day and this index was started by Dow Jones and Company in 1896.
  • The NASDAQ stock exchange began its operations in 1971 and its primary focus was on over-the-counter stocks.
  • NASDAQ merged with the American Stock Exchange in 1988 but both exchanges still operate independently.

If you want to learn about how the stock market functions and operates, you can check many online resources that have ample information. This information will teach you how to track stocks and buy and sell shares.

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Learning Stock Market Facts




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