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“Stock Market” is usually a scary term for many. In general, stock market can be defined as a process that involves trading of company stocks, securities and derivatives. The stock market is the most effective means for companies to generate capital. Shares of companies listed on a stock exchange are traded between buyers and sellers. Investors wanting to invest in a company would buy the share while investors wanting to pull off their investment would sell the share. However, it is important for investors to have some basic training in stock market trading before investing in stocks. This training can also be obtained online. There are several websites that contain articles, publications, tips and suggestions for day traders.

The internet has revolutionized the entire concept of sharing knowledge. In this age of information, internet is a great place for research. Every aspect of life has been predominantly influenced by the internet including education, health care, business and even stock market trading. There are several companies hosting online websites providing information to investors about every aspect of stock market trading including the best free stock picks. Some of these websites even have experts providing daily analysis and update, thus enabling individual investors to choose the best strategy for a financial portfolio.

For beginners in stock trading, information about free stock picks can prove useful in making a prudent decision. One can take time in planning strategies for trading and determining the best stock picks by obtaining list of free stock picks daily. However, one should also know the risks involved in stock market trading before obtaining free stock picks.

Some popular websites providing top daily expert free stock picks include, and The Short Term Stock Selector.

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