Why Do Companies Pay Dividends On Common Stock ?  

       Basically when a person buys common stock, he is investing in the company in anticipation that the company will perform well and he will see a good return on his investment. The money that stockholders invest is used to grow the business.More...


Historical Performance Of Common Stock

Historical Performance Of Common Stock

Common stock is also known as equity or shares. It is a type of investment security that gives a sort of ownership to the investor in a company. The owner of common stock has claim on the company's assets and earning.More...


Issuance Of Common Stock Below Market

Issuance Of Common Stock Below Market

Issuance of common stock below market value is usually done when a company is issuing new common stock. These new shares are usually offered at 10 percent to 20 percent below the actual market price of its shares, and this is basically done to make the new flotation of stock a success and attract investors.More...


What Are Two Common Stock Exchanges ?

What Are Two Common Stock Exchanges

Stock markets are where stockholder and investors in shares either make or break their fortune. Any investment carries certain amount of risk and investors should be ready to absorb this risk without feeling the pinch.More...


What Is Common Stock Dividends ?

What Is Common Stock Dividends

A common stock dividend is the payment that the company makes to common stockholders from the profits that it generates. This payment of dividend is no different from other dividends, and it is in the form of cash. However, there are laws in place to check the amount of dividend that is paid to stockholder especially when the payment is equal to liquidation. These types of dividends could be made with the intent of deceiving the creditors.More...


What Is The Value Of Common Stock Dependent On ?

What Is The Value Of Common Stock Dependent On

Common stock refers to the shares of a company that a stockholder or investor buys. Usually common stock holders can make money on their stock in two ways. One is by getting dividends from the company, and the other is selling the stock in the market based on the market value.More...





- Common Stock
- Preferred Stock

Value-Of-Selling-Common-Stocks      There are many methods that are used to value common stock and companies that issue these stocks. Each of these methods endeavors to give an estimate of the fair value of the stock by using certain basic economic and market criteria. More..




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