Tourism And South Africa  

Tourism and South Africa go hand in hand. South Africa is one of the most popular destinations in the world with around 860,000 people visiting the country each month. The reason for this is the beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, rich history, magnificent wildlife and attractive culture.

Tourism in South Africa is promoted quite heavily and many people who come from outside the African continent visit the country for eco-tourism, adventure sports and the great outdoors. Tourism is a very profitable industry in the country, generating around US$8.3 billion annually. This revenue is even more than gold, which brings in approximately US$6.6 billion annually into the country.

People come to South Africa to enjoy the awe-inspiring landscapes, wildlife, sunshine and diverse culture. Tourism and South Africa cannot exist without each other. Tourism has helped the country to reduce its unemployment. According to experts for every 10 foreign tourists visiting the country, one job is created.

There are many things to do when visiting South Africa. You can visit the beautiful national parks with the exotic wildlife that roam free in these protected areas. The most famous national park in South Africa is Kruger National Park. You can also see the historical sites like Robben Island or Voortrekker Monument.

Robben Island is famous because of Nelson Mandela. This island was a maximum security prison during apartheid and can be equated to Alcatraz. However, the prisons incarcerated here were mostly political prisoners who were made to do hard labor and live in extremely had conditions.

Then, of course, there are beautiful beaches where you can just relax in the sun or take a dip in the sun. If you like more fun and adventure, then try whitewater rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, or any other adrenaline-filled sports you would like to experience.

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Tourism And South Africa




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