Democratic Republic Of The Congo Food  

Congo is actually a poor country. In spite of the abundance of diamonds and wealth, the money is not accessible by the common man as he is exploited. For many people in Congo, it is not food that rules their lives. They eat porridge made out of a particular tuber known as fufu. This tuber is available locally and many people also grow it in their yards.

The porridge basically does not contain any vitamins or minerals and is simple carbohydrate rich food.

Contrary to what people think of poverty, it is found in the extreme sense here. If people have access to all the vegetables, then they make the porridge with several accompaniments like sweet potatoes, bananas and perch. The food of Congo also consists of meat but only when people have the money to splurge on it.

There are several types of food that are considered as national delicacies including fish, if there are rivers close by, and other sea food. On festivals or special occasions, a goat or chicken is slaughtered and cooked. This is typically served on occasions like weddings, birthdays and even death. Also, they have a traditional wine and beer made out of palm. These special occasions also include songs and dance at the end of the meal.

There are so many villages in Congo and the cuisine varies from village to village. But mostly wherever you go, obtaining meat is a delicacy. It is cooked in several different ways and in various combinations with herbs and spices.

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Democratic Republic Of The Congo Food




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