Democratic Republic Of The Congo Poverty  

There are several reasons for poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo. One is the African War in which seven countries of Africa were involved. Congo is still crippled with poverty as an aftermath of the war. Several national leaders are raising their concern today about the poverty and ill health that is prevalent in the basin.

There are problems at multiple levels because of the war in Congo. Children die at an alarming rate in Congo and the main reasons have been attributed to the ill health, lack of food, and mainly poverty. People here do not have work and are unable to grow crops. They are also not able to participate in a world trade perspective and are left alone to fend for themselves.

Actually the diamond trade should have benefited the people of Congo but the common man was exploited and beaten down by force. The death rate for children is four times higher in Congo compared to any other country. There are several illnesses like malaria, diarrhea, and mainly malnutrition that are causing the deaths among children. The lack of hospitals and proper medical care is showing at all levels.

The war was another reason that caused many deaths but people were still dying even after the war is over and the condition is prevalent even today. A recent survey conducted in 2008 revealed that on an average more than 1,000 deaths occur every day and it was the result of severe poverty. The maximum number of deaths was still prevalent among children.

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Democratic Republic Of The Congo Poverty




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Democratic Republic Of The Congo Poverty )
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