Why Did The Congo Civil War Start ?  

The civil war in Congo started for two reasons. One is the ethnic factions near Uganda started an ethnic cleansing act, which involved random killing of people in the lower caste. More than 50, 0000 people have been killed ever since the ethnic cleansing started.

The other contributing reason was that the same ethnic group was involved in diamond mining and trade and they exploited the people for mining. The workers were treated like slaves and made to work 24 hours a day searching for diamonds in river or sea beds and also in the mines.

The civil war of Congo lasted for 4 and a half years in which armies from more than six African countries were involved in the killing. The United Nations then appointed peace troops to maintain the peace and keep the death rate and killing low in places like Ituri and Hema where the ethnic cleansing was the goriest.

An estimate of more than 4 million people has died in the Congo civil war. Also, the war has led to famine, lack of basic facilities like drinking water and even basic food to eat.

However, there are some more reasons as to why civil war found its way into this country. The Democratic Republic of Congo, known previously as Zaire, changed the name during 1997. Previous to the change of name it was being ruled by a ruthless dictator. A civil war first broke in Rwanda which made the power of Mobutu, the dictator, weak. The Hutu who are the majority in Congo started slaughtering Tutsi, who were the minority. This is how the ethnic cleansing started and a civil war broke out.

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Why Did The Congo Civil War Start




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Why Did The Congo Civil War Start ? )
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