Ancient Egypt Gods And Goddess  

People of ancient Egypt believed in several gods and goddesses. Their entire culture and events or celebrations were marked by gods. Their lifestyle was deeply cultural and each aspect of the culture revolved around a god. The River Nile itself was considered to be a goddess and worshipped. The gods were related to creation, floods, harvest, land, sky, wind, fire and earth.

Amon Ra was the main god and it was the name for the Sun God. He was considered as the most powerful and the ruler of the universe. For ancient Egyptians, worshipping gods and the goddesses was utmost important for running their daily lives smoothly. They also worshipped their ancestors whom they believed to be living in the mortal world. They also believed that if the spirits of the dead were honored in their afterlife, then they would be showered with blessings and luck.

The ancient Egyptians were not driven by religion but they had a set of gods and goddesses. For example, Amon Ra was the Sun God and the ruler of all gods. Anat was the mother of the gods; Hapi was the god of Nile and Osiris who guarded death. Horus, was the hippopotamus, who gave strength people on earth. If the Nile was flooding, then the god of Nile, Hapi, was worshipped and he was appeased in various ways to stop the flood. If there were no rains, then the goddess of fertility was worshipped. Similarly the goddess of fertility was appeased when someone wanted a son or a progeny.

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Ancient Egypt Gods And Goddess




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