Ancient Egypt Mummy Coffins  

Egyptians prepared for their death much before in their life. Most of the ancient Egyptians started saving their favorite items and jewelry for their death so that they could go with them in their coffin. The coffin would be the most important item purchased to be placed in the pyramid.

The ancient Egyptians invested in something called a sarcophagus, which served as a coffin and it was made out of clay, straw or wood. The coffin that is used today resembles the ancient Egypt mummy coffins a lot. The whole idea of buying a coffin for the ancient Egyptians was to gain protection for the body from decaying and preserving it to ensure a smooth transition into the afterlife.

The bodies were embalmed before being placed into the coffins. The main idea behind mummification or embalming was to prepare the body for rebirth. The body was believed to hold the spirit until the person was born again. The rebirth could take several hundreds of years.

The newer kingdom of Egypt started exploring new types of sarcophagus and it got more elaborate. Several pharaohs invested in coffins that were filled with precious stones like lapis lazuli, diamonds and rubies. The coffins were also made of a combination of metal and gold and usually were meant for pharaohs only. Several of the tombs were raided and the gold was stolen. One of the most popular pharaohs' coffins that was found intact without being raided is King Tutankhamen’s tomb.

People of the dynasty who could not afford a pyramid were buried in coffins made out of wood with minimal treasures around the pyramids. However, the main pharaohs' coffins were laid to rest in the Valley of the Kings, part of greater Egypt.

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Ancient Egypt Mummy Coffins




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