Egypt Folk Tale  

Egypt folk tales have been passed down from one generation to another from ancient times. Many tales and stories narrated were not just meant for entertainment, but also to spread forth a message. The art of telling stories in Egypt is believed to as old as the Egyptian culture.

Historians have found the earliest story from ancient Egypt written in a language known as Middle Egyptian. This language was spoken during the period when the kingdom was primarily known as Middle Kingdom. Unfortunately, very few stories in the written form have survived today. At the same time, a lot of ancient Egyptian literature was actually passed down from the word of mouth.

Many Egypt folk tales make a lot of reference to stories from mythology, stories about adventure, fairy tales as well as biographies of pharaohs and well known personalities during the ancient times. While most folktales from Egypt are primarily used as a way to entertain people, they also are used to inform people about certain religious practices and beliefs.

Two of Egypt folk tales that are quite popular even today are the Tale of Two Brothers and The Prince and His Fates. Also, the Egypt folk tale about Setne Khamwas is still popular. He was the son of Ramesses II, who was taken up by texts of magic, and as a result he met a ghost of a magician who had died long time ago. Setne Khamwas met the ghost in his tomb and he ended up learning something about the life of magician as a result of this encounter.

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Egypt Folk Tale




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