How Long Does It Take To Fly To Egypt ?  

Egypt is well known for its warm climate, and that is why when it is winter in other parts of the world, thousands of people flock into the country to enjoy the warm sunshine. However, the winter season is comparatively cold, which remains for two to three months. Therefore, it is always better to visit Egypt when the temperature is a little cooler.

Any time from third week of October to May is when tourists like to explore Egypt. In fact, this time is known as the tourist season in the country. So, it is obvious that the price of all the goods and services are at their peak. This is the reason that a properly planned visit, which includes reservation in advance, is suggested.

Although the off season is very hot, the fun and benefits of visiting the place from May to October, is quite different. Sometimes, also in summers visitors from other Arab come to visit Egypt, and see and admire its wonders. However, rush can be avoided if a person or group loves to see Egypt in summers.

A mixed response by Egypt can be experienced in spring season. The climate is mild and places there are rarely crowded. The only thing, one needs to stay away from is the Khamsin wind. This is a wind full of sand and dust particles.

Usually if a person is flying in from Gatwick Airport, it will take around five hours to five and half hours reach Egypt. The flying time is the same when a person flies in from Manchester. From other European countries, it may take a little bit longer, depending on which country the person is flying in from. People coming in from the US should be prepared for a long haul flight if they are flying in Cairo.

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How Long Does It Take To Fly To Egypt ?




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How Long Does It Take To Fly To Egypt ? )
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