What Would Happen In A Slaves Day In Ancient Egypt ?  

Slavery is a concept that was coined in ancient Egypt. However, the concept was completely different to what the world conceives it to be. In Egypt, the slaves were known as Hem. There were several types of slaves and due to different circumstances. A slave may be born out of debt, capture, war, or by going wrong socially.

But the lives of slaves were not deteriorated and they were only subjected to respectable work by their masters. There was no whipping or hitting unlike the world perceives it. Slaves were also rewarded with land and gems by their masters if they were pleased with their work.

Some of the hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt shows masters freeing their slaves to choose the life they want to live. However, slaves were always considered to be a low class in ancient Egypt and they were not allowed into royal chambers and temples which were considered sacred by the people. During the old kingdom of Egypt, the slaves were owned by only rich families and they were people of the same land. However, in the middle Kingdom, slaves were brought in from other continents like Asia and other faraway lands.

Ancient Egyptians used slaves mainly to get their household chores done and also for construction activities. Typically a slave’s day will be full of errands to run and serving their masters needs. The slave’s responsibilities were much different than the women’s or servants. Slaves needed to do whatever their masters asked them to and they were also sold to others if need ever arose.

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What Would Happen In A Slaves Day In Ancient Egypt




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