Who Built The Pyramids In Egypt ?  

Several people think that the pyramids were built by the great Egyptian pharaohs with the help of thousands of slaves who carried the big stones. Pyramids were actually built by pheasants who worked by the River Nile. All the pyramids that were built by hand; at least the greatest ones in Giza were.

The main reason for building the pyramids was that the ancient Egyptians believed that a person needed a house to rest after they were dead. The pyramids were built in large scale for great pharaohs and kings. However, what is amazing is each stone weighed several hundred tons and how they were carried to the top of the pyramid finally still remains a mystery. The biggest pyramid was the pyramid of Khufu which was built in 2530 BC. At least six and a half million tons of stone was moved collectively to build the pyramids.

The biggest mystery is that these pyramids were built in the middle of a desert and the stones that were brought from far and beyond had to be lugged over. They mostly used wood and rope to draw them. However, how many people were involved and how many days it could have taken them is still a mystery.

Most people believed that the pharaohs got them built by slaves and some believe that it was the farmers that built the pyramids. The paintings inside the pyramids show that people dressed as Egyptians were carrying stones above the pyramids to build them. However, a major break through came when a British explorer discovered that the sphinx was carved directly out of a rock in Giza.

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Who Built The Pyramids In Egypt




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