Why Was Wood In Egypt So Expensive  

Egypt is today a desert area, but ancient Egypt was filled with greenery, and places like Sudan, which was part of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, were filled with lush green forests, rolling meadows and green fields. In the ancient times, according to historians, Egyptian wood was very costly and this raised the questions like why was wood so costly in the ancient Egypt.

According to historians and experts, the wood from ancient Egypt was of high quality, and as a result it was considered to be extremely precious. This is one of the reasons why wood in Egypt was so expensive.

Research conducted by historians and archaeologists reveals that the wood available in ancient Egypt was less in quantity. There are some experts who claim that there was hardly any wood available in Egypt. Therefore, people of ancient Egypt regarded large planks of wood and other types of wood as valuable. Cedar and ebony were looked upon as costly woods. These expensive woods were brought from the far away areas of the ancient Egyptian kingdom. Lebanon is the place where cedar was acquired from, and ebony from the sub-Saharan desert; both distant places.

The cost to harvest and transport the wood to the city was high considering the fact that the wood was being brought into the center of the kingdom from far away places. All these expenses were added to the selling price of the wood.

These are the reasons why historians claim that wood was so expensive in Egypt.

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Why Was Wood In Egypt So Expensive




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