Facts On Ethiopia  

There are several interesting facts about Ethiopia that the rest of the world might not know. Ethiopia might have been war afflicted country and the civil war may have done irreplaceable damage to the country people but the country still has a good infrastructure which makes it possible for people to travel within the country.

The ancient structures and the environment remain untouched in the country. Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in Africa which was not conquered by anyone and never lost its independence. Ethiopia is bigger than France and Spain put together in geographical terms. Today, Ethiopia is free from the clutches of dictatorship and has presidential government since 1994.

Some of the most popular cities of Ethiopia are Addis Ababa which is located at an extremely high altitude. Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is famous for its exotic sceneries and natural beauty. However, it does take time for people to get used to the altitude and many people even feel breathless.

There is no sea in this country and the entire country is land locked. So the only places to visit are cities situated on rolling hills and historic sites. The Tourism Development Department for Ethiopia is a new addition of the government and only recently the department has started promoting the country as a tourist spot. However, Addis Ababa needs no introduction to people around the world. Many movies have been shot in the city because of its beauty and exotic location. Other Ethiopian cities that are gaining popularity are Dire Dawa and Gondar. All these cities are tourist friendly and are highly populated.

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Facts On Ethiopia




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