Ghana Culture  

Ghana is quite a big country and there are six ethnic groups found in the country. The main group is the Ashanti and it is the most popular too. The others are the Ewe, Gurma, Guan, Adangbe and the Dagbani.

Every tribe has its own culture that is distinctive from the other and they speak their own language. The language and the culture are closely related to each other. The Ashanti is the biggest tribe and they exist all over West Africa. They have also become extremely popular for their craftsmanship. Several things made by the Ashanti tribe like clothing, wooden items and furniture, hand carved items and complex patterns are sold all over the world. Their main source of income is handicrafts. They even make explicit pottery using animal symbols.

The Ewes are the lesser known tribe and they worship more than 600 deities. In their culture, they weave the popular Kente cloth and mostly use geometrical patterns that are complex to create. This tribe is mainly from the South Eastern part of Ghana. This tribe also has farmers who breed livestock and cultivate land.

Not much is known about the culture of Fanti tribe as they are a closed community and do not allow strangers within. They live in the coastal plains of Ghana.

The Adangbe tribe is from the mid Ghana region and they seem to have migrated from the coastal plains. They speak a language that is quite unique and seems to be a combination of two or more languages. They have a very archaic method of communication which is not legible and also their culture is very unclear. They are hunters and live by the day.

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Ghana Culture




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